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Our Family is Here for Yours

Pet Sitting is our Passion


Bruiser. A friendly paraplegic dachshund whose physical needs required his humans to find help at their home when they needed time away. Helping care for him blossomed my new love for pets of all sizes and medical conditions, outside of my work life in a veterinary clinic. I would love the chance to take above and beyond care of your fur-babies, from those that are healthy and active to the ones that need comfort and warmth during a difficult journey through life.

I have over 17 years of work experience in the veterinary field in multiple positions. Communication and patient care are a few of my number one priorities, along with ensuring your routine is followed and expectations are met.


Veterinary Technician


Taking care of Bruiser during his time of need allowed Christina and I to seek out more families that need help, especially when it comes to special needs.  With my experience working in emergency medicine, an intensive care unit, and the operating room with a Neurology team, I am able to help care for your loved ones no matter how young or old that may require special care and attention.

I have over 23 years of work experience in the veterinary field from routine care to emergency medicine as well as specialty practices such as Radiation Oncology and Neurology. Patient care is always my number one priority, and wanting to make you feel as comfortable and stress free as possible while we are caring for your family.


Our Daughter


Growing up, we have always had pets around since my parents both worked in vet clinics.  I love all dogs and cats, and want to make sure they feel safe and loved while their parents are away. Cuddles, treats, playing with toys, I am happy to do it all!


Our Friendly Pittie Mix Boy


Our Beautiful Pittie Girl

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